Our Services

Oaktree Medical Center provides high quality, holistic care, focused on family values in a safe, caring, customer service driven environment. We provide each patient with the support they need for optimal health and wellness. We provide pharmaceutical and laboratory services, EKG, X-rays, annual examinations, Outpatient IV Therapy and comprehensive care services to end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients at The Kidney Clinic. Additionally, we provide general and specialist consultations with our Board Certified medical team of Hypertension and Nephrology Specialist, Liver Diseases and Gastroenterology Specialist, Rheumatologist and Infectious Diseases Specialist.

Radiology Services Available at Oaktree

Oaktree Medical Center now offers a full array of radiology services. Ultrasounds available include but are not limited to scans of the liver, gallbladder or kidneys, evaluating blood flow, examining organs, assessing joint inflammation, evaluating metabolic bone disease as well as detecting and diagnosing possible diseases.

In addition to Ultrasounds, Oaktree also offers Bone Density scans, EKGs, Vascular Health Screening, 2D Echocardiography and X-rays of the chest, cervical spine, lumbar spine, hands, knees, wrists and other images as needed. To book an appointment, contact our office at 322-1146/7.

Special Procedures & Wound Care

Patients are now able to have special procedures and wound care management performed in the comfort of Oaktree. These include closed reductions, casting, skin wound care, excisions, wound repair and closure, repair of soft tissue organs, layer closure of wounds, arthrocentesis, splinting and insertion and removal of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) lines. To book an appointment, contact our office at 322-1146/7.

Book Your Annual Physical Today 

Your health is truly your wealth. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, diet, stress reduction and exercise is key. Another important element is to always to schedule and keep your yearly check-up. Oaktree Medical Center offers annual physicals for men and women which includes all required lab work. Book your appointment today, contact our office at 322-1146/7.

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